Teeney, Tiny Hearts

I got this pattern from one of the women that own my local yarn store. I wasn’t sure it would turn out to be such a great pattern for a beginner but it was! It was a wonderful introduction to stranding since there is only one contrast color and the pattern isn’t too complex. I also got to use the magic loop technique for the first time.
I’m totally keeping this.

Omygosh it's so cuuuute!

For anyone interested in knitting but intimidated the way I was, DON’T BE!
It really isn’t as difficult to learn as you may think.
If it were, I wouldn’t have been able to learn simply by watching a few 2 minute long videos. This woman/site taught me to knit. Yes! Her videos are wonderful! Go get some yarn and some needles. Sit on the sofa and watch these videos. That’s it. For the first little while, I used the same 5 feet of yarn and knitted it, unraveled it, knitted, unraveled, over and over and over again and then, I found a beginner pattern and BAM! I made a hat. I joined Ravelry so I could have any questions answered at all hours of the night. Everyone there is incredibly patient and eager to help beginners. You just have to be excited about it and it can be so rewarding.
Another thing you should know is if you can remember all the different stitches to crochet, I think you can handle 2 in knitting. Yes! There are really only 2 stitches. Everything depends on how you combine them. The greatest thing about knitting is you can make clothes! Nice, dense, warm clothes. Cool summer clothes! In all sizes! In all colors! This hat above is only the third pattern I have followed. My second was a shrug! If you can make a hat for your first project, it can’t be that hard now can it? Good luck!


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