White on White = Magical

In addition to having dozens of projects in the works, I am also in the midst of wedding planning. I’m working on some hankies for a few family members and personalizing them with white thread (immediately below). A design in one corner and name and date in the opposite corner. There is just something magical about this look. Delicate, romantic, vintage, experienced.  Just one more reason to be attracted to embroidery as a hobby.


simply, yet thoughtful gift

Here are a couple more examples of the beauty of this style. You MUST look at this woman’s work.
Her talent is undeniable. Her work, unique and timeless.


So elegant!

I am a sucker for text.


I believe Karen Ruane’s blog and Etsy shop have sufficient evidence as to what an incredibly beautiful craft this can be.



January 16, 2010. Tags: , , , , . Art and Neat stuff, Stitches.


  1. karen replied:

    Hi Wendi! Thanks so much for this, I feel really honoured! Karen

  2. Islay replied:

    I love white on white. So elegant and restrained… I also like making the viewer/user work harder for the beauty at hand! You should do more with this!

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