Busy Body

Things have been pretty crazy around my house lately. My fiancé is on the job market and has been traveling all over the country for interviews. He’s home for one day and then off somewhere for the next 2 or 3 and then home again and over and over. Lots of shirt pressing and driving to the airport. In the midst of it all, I have somehow managed to accumulate a couple of finished projects and numerous works in progress. Here are a few of them.

These are the third pair of scissors I am embroidering for a trio I will turn into pillows for my future work room.

I think these are so pretty.

I think they will look so neat on pillows side by side.

Here is a project I actually completed.
I really needed a better way of keeping all my circular knitting needles in order. This one is specifically for me and I have a slightly different design for ones I would like to produce for future sale. I am hoping to sell these along with my original apron designs and pillows and whatnot at some point in the near future.

Love this Alexander Henry print!

On top of this, I am also working on my first pair of socks. They seem to be taking forever although that simply may be because I have never done it before. Every sock knitter says it is easy to become a knitted sock fan but I only see this happening to me if I can speed it up a bit. I’ve always had a little problem with my need for immediate gratification.

for Richard


January 28, 2010. Tags: , , , . Knitting.


  1. ktrumeter replied:

    This is so awesome. The owner of this farm uses circular needles and I’m always very confused when I watch her knit. I absolutely love the colors you’re using. Brilliant.

  2. Lisa replied:

    Had to come over from flickr and see the scissor pillows in progress, neat idea! They’ll great as pillows. 🙂

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