I Was a Chimney

I am in the process of quitting smoking. I have smoked half my life time. Over a pack a day. I will have my last cigarette on Wednesday.  Needless to say, I’m a little distracted.  Believe me, I am getting plenty done.  I just don’t think my brain would do a very good job of relaying information in an attractive fashion to here. I will take a few days off and hopefully have plenty of things to post in the first week of being a non smoker.


February 8, 2010. Me and Mine.


  1. ktrumeter replied:

    Oh man. You go girl. Seriously.

    My brother told me all we’re really doing when we smoke is taking deep breaths. So if you start to stress, walk outside and take a deep breath.

    More power to you, Wendi. You really amaze me.

  2. Giggly Mama replied:

    Good Luck!! 🙂 I know that’s it’s a tough battle to quit. I have been smoke-free since 1999. It still amazes me. Every once in a while I’ll take a puff of that second hand stuff for the memories, but that isn’t often, thank goodness. 🙂

    • modernmaam replied:

      Thanks so much! After one day, I am actually feeling that hearing so many people for so long, talk about how hard it is, really prepared me for the absolute worst…and it’s not nearly that bad. I think really wanting to quit helps too. 🙂

  3. Richard Kent replied:

    We can do it!

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