Tip O’ the Week

*Tips that are NEAT-tO know!*


O.K. This one is part of my “you need to know but no one ever showed you” which may also be “you need to know but are too embarrassed to ask” tips. Everyone has to start somewhere and you only learn with experience and I really like to include things that may be helpful for people of ALL skill levels.

I remember when I was trying to teach myself to cook my using recipes from cookbooks and I realized I had no idea what dicing, chopping, folding and whisking TECHNICALLY were. I have seen more than a handful of cooks slice themselves open before figuring out the best way to cut a certain veggie and I had to slice myself up a bit before I learned knife techniques so I’m just hoping to save you a few stitches.

The safe technique for cutting an entire onion:

Press the palm of your hand firmly against the root of the onion.

Slide the first inch of your knife into the onion using a forward motion so it will slide in from tip to inch from tip. The moisture in the onion will create a suction with your blade and your blade with come to a stop. This is a good thing.

Flip your onion onto it’s side now and place your palm firmly over the bridge of your blade. This helps to insure that you don’t have any digits in the path of your blade!


Now you can gently press your knife through the rest of your onion! You can get really fast at it if you practice and that makes you look neat.

So here are 2 quick live examples. In the first, you can see with the first cut, I am slicing as I normally would and then I switch to this other method because the onion body has become smaller. Then I show how you should NOT hold the root of the onion while slicing down into it. You may notice, it looks a little too easy to slip and lose the tips of your fingers. Then the third cut through I show holding the bridge of the blade.

The second one is if you are more comfortable holding the root end and want more precise slices.



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