A fellow blogger and Flickr friend of mine made a post today and it reminded me that I can post pictures of my bridesmaids’ gifts now! I’ve waited a year to show off my first major sewing projects! I basically taught myself to sew JUST to make these.
I was having a very difficult time finding a gift for all of them that was similar but personalized that didn’t come from some crappy wedding website. I was coming across too many overpriced pewter something or others with “free engraving!” So I put on my thinking cap. The main thing all my lady friends had in common was cooking (or eating). I had well worn my Jessie Steele apron as I felt the cut is very flattering so I made knock offs! I spent HOURS in the store on each trip for each apron trying to pick everything I thought each lady would love. I really think each apron represents each of them quite well. I also made each neck strap adjustable! (That is my biggest complaint with aprons. I’m 5’3″ and tiny chested. An apron that is meant to be wrapped around the true waist is not going to fit me the same way it would a woman who is 5’9″ and has a C cup, right? It don’t work!)

Luckily, they loved them.

I had such a wonderful time making these I went further. I have had a love for aprons of all styles for many years now and this gave me the confidence to jump in and create my own designs. After the big move in July, I will be making loads of them and they may be available for purchase.



May 6, 2010. Tags: , , , . Art and Neat stuff.


  1. Lisa replied:

    I LOVE aprons, and yours look great! I can never resist an old one, and lately I’ve been copying my old vintage ones. Very neat idea for a personalized gift. 🙂

  2. Islay replied:

    I have to say that the one with the pears is the best! Actually, I’m biased… because that one’s mine!
    I love my apron, and have been wearing it to craft in, because lets be real… I don’t cook!

  3. modernmaam replied:

    Thanks Lisa! I have eyed quite a few of your vintage aprons too! You have some beauties!

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