Egg Ninja

The past 12 years of my life have been all about eggs. Here’s what I know.

O.K. This is the beginning. I am going to try to teach you everything you need to know about cooking breakfast style eggs. 12 years for me, a handful of videos for you.

My first tutorial is all about how to flip your eggs (without a utensil) whether they be over medium or as an omelette. Whether there are 4 or 1. “Why would I want to learn how to do this” you may ask?

  1. You will no longer be fumbling around for a spatula.
  2. You save time.
  3. You save dishes.
  4. Your friends will think you’re cool.
  5. Your kids will think you’re cool.
  6. It’s easier.
  7. Your eggs are less likely to break.
  8. You can react faster.
  9. It’s simply nice to know.

I also wanted to do the flipping first because in the tutorials that follow, I will not be using a utensil (I never do) so I didn’t want you to feel lost.

There are just a few points I forgot to mention in this brief video demonstration. I suggest reading the following once before viewing and maybe once after.
(I would have re-recorded it but my movie editing software is not so super [as in I can’t figure it out].)

Remember: We are mimicking the movement of an ocean wave. Seriously.

Ahhh. Pretty.

O.K. Imagine you are looking at the profile of a wave. This is EXACTLY the motion you will be mimicking with your hand/pan and what your eggs are going to be doing in the pan. They simply flip over themselves. They just get a little air. Less time in the air=faster flip.
(This means they should not be hitting the ceiling in your kitchen nor should they be going any higher in the air than you are tall. Don’t be a show-off.)

One more note I forgot to mention: Yes. You may use butter also. I just don’t usually mention it because it tends to burn on beginners. With the oils mentioned, you can spend as much time as you need getting up the courage to toss food into the air.

So, grab a carton of eggs (they’re cheap) and maybe a sponge and get to crackin’! You will be amazed at how easy it really is.

Thanks so much to my wonderful assistant and videographer, Islay!
This is how I have always taught in person so I am curious to know if it all translates well into video and words. I’d love to know if you’ve used this to teach yourself. Thanks and good luck!


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One Comment

  1. phyllis replied:

    I won’t use a spatula
    but I’ll keep a mop handy.
    Practice makes perfect, and I’ll practice when I am not hungry.
    If you say so , IT WILL WORK!

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