Over Easy

By “a few seconds” I really mean a minute.


June 30, 2010. Cooking tips, Eggs.


  1. elizabeth replied:

    How do you keep the yolk from breaking when you crack the egg open? I almost always end up with broken yolk which kind of defeats the purpose of over easy eggs!

    • Modern Ma'am replied:

      Aha! Excellent question Elizabeth. I will address this immediately with a video response! It will be surprisingly interesting…if you’re a food nerd.

  2. Kat replied:

    Alright, lady! You’ve convinced me to try eggs over medium, which is how I always order them when I’m out. The verdict? Erm…I need more practice with the flipping.

    • Modern Ma'am replied:

      Ah wonderful! You can do it! I am about to post the over medium post which will define the difference (once again) between the two. I promise, you won’t have to practice for long.

  3. Kat replied:

    Great! Also, I have a really hard time doing this with cooking spray, even though I’d rather use that than butter for calorie reasons. Is it me, or is that a bad choice, period?

    • Modern Ma'am replied:

      It definitely has it’s problems but it is also “traditional” and some people are spoiled. 😉 When using a spray, don’t spray too early as the lubricating additive will break down and it becomes useless. Also, try to use something like a canola blend as opposed to a “butter” flavored baking spray.

  4. Over Medium & Over Hard « Modern Ma'am replied:

    […] own video. I’m sure you’re relieved.  Simply add about 10 seconds to cooking time on over easy and you’ve got over […]

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