Pretty Little Things

Unfortunately, RPK inherited about 75% of his belongings from his parents about six years ago. Since this is the first time we have moved as “we”, I am getting to see a lot of things for the first time. He is RPK the fourth and like his father and his father and his father’s father, he keeps many of the family belongings that have turned to heirlooms. There are a lot of beautiful and strange, things. Lots of silver with RPK senior and juniors’ initials engraved as receiving from Tiffany and Co. back then was the thing, amazing family documents and photos, old toys from his childhood and more.

I thought I’d share a few of the neat things I found.

An adorable bib RPK’s mother made for him and his beautiful silver teething rattle. She sewed this and painted it with acrylics. She was quite crafty and since I was never lucky enough to meet his parents, I really enjoy seeing the things she painted and made as it makes me feel a little closer to them.

You may remember these silver teethers were actually very common as they are safer than plastic ones and work better. I am not really sure why they have gone out of style but we plan on reusing this one. These are very nice because you can freeze them and the silver retains the temperature for quite a while.

I can’t wait to very carefully sew the little buttons back on these amazing booties. These were most likely his grandfather’s or great grandfather’s baby shoes. I think they are incredibly beautiful.

Here’s another mom made cutie. It’s the Ark wall hanging with curtain style loops at the top.
I love the little animals.

Here’s the little lion!

These are so beautiful I want to learn to love grapefruit just so I can use them.

This carving set seems extremely extravagant to me.
I had a nice time using it last Thanksgiving when I cooked for RPK and 4 other friends.

Unfortunately my family never really took to keeping things like this, that I know of, so I feel incredibly lucky to be part of a family with such a rich history and beautiful heirlooms.

Do you have any favorite family heirlooms? Why are they you favorites? Do you make it a point to pull them out and actually use and enjoy them or do you keep them tucked safely away for the next generations?


July 6, 2010. Art and Neat stuff, Me and Mine.


  1. Treasures « LibrarianMS replied:

    […] to resurrect a very dead blog (almost 3 years!!), to reply to a cousin’s blog. Modern Ma’am  sked about family treasures. One of my treasures is a little watch that belonged to my great […]

  2. Linda Ginn replied:

    Hi cousin, I enjoy your posts/videos/tips. You and I fold fitted sheets almost alike (the corner strategies are exactly the same). I have some family items I adore.

    • Martha Ginn replied:

      What beautiful treasures! I will look among my treasures to see if you might like some of them–from YOUR great-grandmother Bernice (or Bigmama). Wanting to stay connected to one’s heritage is an admirable trait! I love to hear about your trip and your moving plans. Good luck……Aunt Martha
      Oh, yes, and folding the fitted sheets neatly must run in the family!

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