Fibers Update

So I finally finished my 28 Thirty. It is incredibly comfortable minus the expected scratchiness from the wool. The pattern is well written in that it is very specific and detailed. It is written clearly but it’s not excessively so. There are some spots where I think a very experienced knitter might think, “that’s obvious” but that gives it a larger audience. It only took me 3 hours to pick out the buttons. 🙂

There are just a couple things I would change about this pattern and if I were to make another. First, I realized that the buttonholes came out on the wrong (left) side. This was not my fault. The pattern actually puts them there. This is a surprisingly big annoyance and was not the case in their photographs. I believe this was a mistake.

The other thing I would change is the buttonhole placement. I had actually read this in one woman’s notes but was not experienced with buttonholes and therefore didn’t have the courage to mess with it which is unfortunate because it really would have made a nice difference, not to mention that it would have been a cinch. They are 2 stitches away from the edge which is too close so if it is the slightest bit snug, you can see how the holes are tugging away from the buttons which I hate because that is how you’re supposed to know that a shirt is too small for you. I also ended up adding 7 extra rows to the body to lengthen the waist.

You can also see here that there is a bit of a difference in the collar. It doesn’t actually stand up slightly stiff the way it looks here. I really thought it would but it’s pretty heavy and likes to slouch. No biggie. Just not what I expected. I really like the shaping. it’s very simple but effective. The Peace Fleece also softened up just a bit already so I am eager to see if it will get even softer. It is mostly merino after all.

All in all, I’m pretty happy with it. I am really looking forward to wearing it over a dress in the fall. (Maybe a red one!…or something with red shoes or tights…buwahahaha!)

I began RPK’s sweater and I really wish I could explain how amazing this yarn feels against my needles. I really look forward to getting more from these people somehow. I’m just using a basic how-to for a simple raglan. I especially wanted to do it from the top down in case I run out of these colors, I can do the bottom ribbing in black or even a color maybe. I only bought 1200 yards of this so we’ll see.


July 22, 2010. Tags: , , , , , , , , . Knitting.


  1. ktrumeter replied:

    How many ways can I tell you how amazing you are??

    Girl, get on and SELL your shit.

  2. bookwormbethie replied:

    oh fancy pants, you are knitting in the round, or using circular needles or something fancy! the sweater looks gorgeous so far.

    • Modern Ma'am replied:

      Thank you my darling.

      Thanks so much! I am indeed using circulars and knitting in the round. I don’t do seams. I am already a snobby knitter. 😉

  3. kniterdone replied:

    It looks great! If the button gaps bother you, you could always sew it closed. (I’m somewhat “thicker” than you and I sew almost all of my cardigans closed through the bust & belly so I don’t spill out.) I’ve also cheated with snaps between buttons, but I don’t see a problem with your button placket, other than the man sided button holes. That’s just plain weird to have an error like that in a pattern.

    • Modern Ma'am replied:

      Oh gosh! I can’t believe I didn’t even consider that. Thank you! I’m going to wear it in for a bit and see if it doesn’t stretch a bit more. And, yes, I would think they would correct that in the errata.

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