Update: Summertime Golden

Silly me! What good is it to know how to cut a pineapple if you don’t know how to pick one? Thanks to a reader suggestion, you’re about to find that out too.

  1. Look at it.
    A pineapple is not ripe when it is green. This means, the higher up the pineapple you can go before seeing green, the better. Look for a nice golden color on the eyes which are at the bottom. The higher up the yellow goes, the more even the flavor. Look for brown spots. These are no good. Deep bronze color;also no good.

    That color, plus a pleasant, mild pineapple aroma at the base are the best guides to ripeness.

  2. Smell it. You should actually be able to smell the fruit through it’s skin. If it’s over ripe and on it’s way out, it will smell fermented. No bueno.
  3. Feel it. It should be firm but “yielding to the touch”.

    And according to many “The ability to pull a leaf from the crown proves nothing about ripeness, despite the enduring popularity of that myth.” So be careful.


July 22, 2010. Tags: . Cooking tips, Too Embarassed to Ask.

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