For The Past 2 Weeks…

So I have been a bit preoccupied. Here are some of my excuses.

We left...

My creation

we arrived...

we conquered.

And in exactly 2 weeks time, we have unpacked completely as well as put everything in it’s rightful place.


…er…O.K., except for that bud light box with books in it. And yes, this is just the office, but the rest of the house is actually is just as good of shape. How do I do it you ask? I’m incredibly impatient, anxious and have a very tolerant and helpful husband. I’m also determined and very well organized.

Today, I got to experience the incredible Dane County Farmers’ Market which happens to be the largest producer only market in the country. What’s even better? It’s every single weekend all year long minus Christmas.

Our Take?

2 cucumbers, 2 red onions, 2 sweet onions, 2 zucchini, 5 heirloom tomatoes, 1 pint raspberries, 1 bunch lettuce, 1 large bunch cilantro, 1 large string chilies, 7 heads garlic, large pint of plums, peach/jalapeno jelly, strawberry/raspberry jelly, cherry jelly, lavender plant, peppermint plant, and Kentucky Colonel Mint AKA Mojito mint plant….

for a grand total of…


With 3 jars of jelly and 3 plants! Can you believe that?! We are going to buy all of our fruits and veggies for each week from here from now on. It’s a lovely little walk to the capitol;only about 15 minutes.

I have quite a few other things that have been distracting me and I’ll let you in on those pretty soon.


August 21, 2010. Me and Mine.


  1. Martha Ginn replied:

    What clever pictures, with a geography lesson thrown in! Maine is really a long way from Wisconsin, isn’t it? Good start to paint that dark room. And the farmer’s market–what a great find for your new home. Wish I could share some of our tomato crop bounty–head-high vines loaded down. Enjoy your new place!
    Love, Aunt Martha

  2. giddy replied:

    HOLY CRAP, that is AWESOME. I’ve been in my house for 3 years, and STILL haven’t finished it. crikey. (the shame). But I’m happy for you! 🙂

  3. Martha Ginn replied:

    Oooops, I said Maine when I meant Rhode Island. Portland/Providence mix-up! Sorry!

  4. Randi replied:

    WOW! Your place looks great! Such great inspiration! I can’t wait to see pictures of how you’ve set up the rest of your place. xoxo.

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