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So you may notice a few changes to the site here and I want to explain a bit.

Now, you will see there are a few options at the end of each post.
They are share options. Now you can share a post with someone else more easily. If you know someone who was JUST looking for a good cookie recipe, you can hit the email button and immediately share the Marry Me (Martha) cookies post with them. As you may see, there are also ways to share to Facebook and Twitter as well. I’m hoping this will make it easier for my awesome fans to share with their awesome friends things they might like.

There is also a print button. Please preview BEFORE you print as a lot of times, these blogs aren’t interpreted properly. You may not be printing what you want to be printing but keep reading.

Bigger news: I will soon be adding a “Print this Recipe” option. This will show you a simplified type version of the recipe that is in the post without the photographs and extras because I know that at the moment, you have to copy everything by hand or else print the entry with photos included.
I am hoping this will make it easier for people to actually try some of the recipes I post.

There is also a “like” button. This could really help me understand what types of posts and information people are really enjoying and learning from so I can do more.

We finally got a scanner so I will be sharing some serious treasures with you soon as well. I’m also hoping to add a nice photo header soon.

Thanks for all your support!


August 25, 2010. Uncategorized.

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