1001 Household Hints

One of the many, many, treasures my husband had from his box of his grandparents belongings and handed directly over to me, was this. I also got my hands on some amazing vintage and even antique cookbooks but those will come later.

This is a particularly special treasure to me. I started my Tip o’ the Week entries so I would have a place to put all these types of things I had learned over the years. I am proud that I never pass on a tip unless I have personally tried and tested it and found it to be true.

I love books like these as they are a fun reminder to how much times haves changed, how far science has come, and how many tricks have really lasted through generations. This is from 1948.
I had so much fun reading through this and saying, “Hey! I knew that! I can’t believe that’s such an old trick.” or “Wow! I can’t wait to try that.” Funny thing is, today, we are so focused on being “green” that this lovely little booklet is perfectly back in style.

I am going to start scanning this lovely treasure and will try to post a page a week, although, you of course, may NOT, quote me on that.

(Don’t worry. I’ll repost the first page on the right again larger so you can actually read it.)


September 3, 2010. Tags: , , . 1001 Household Hints.

One Comment

  1. barncat1 replied:

    These old books are fun! I’ve seen a few where I just couldn’t figure out what they were talking about, but these tips (so far) actually look useful.

    Thank you for the anniversary wishes!

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