Mourning Card

/Death notice.

They actually made these beautiful cards with matching envelopes specifically for spreading the news of a death. I actually think it’s quite beautiful. I think this is a particularly nice way of letting someone know news of this sort. It’s simple, elegant, personal yet not too invasive. It gives the reader as well as the writer a little personal space in which to absorb the sad announcement.

I believe this one was to RPK’s grandmother. I also love seeing the handwriting of others, particularly in the drop off of when calligraphy was more common because you can still see it influenced one’s letter writing.


September 3, 2010. Tags: , , , , . Art and Neat stuff.


  1. funksteena replied:

    Wow. Simple, elegant, somber.

  2. Linda Woodland replied:

    You can’t do that with a ballpoint! This kind of writing has to have a real pen and ink. The style is difficult for us to read now, but everyone wrote that way once. Our style now is much simpler and easy. But I remember practicing my “penmanship” in the third,
    fourth and fifth grade with my wooden pen-holder and the bottle of royal blue ink fitted into the hole in the desk. The wooden pen-holder had a rounded slit and you slid the pen in to hold it steady. (I’m 80 now so that’s a lot of remembering.) And I was not a neat child; ink stains every day. We filled page after page of lines of slanting capital O’s and tall t’s and f’s with loops hanging below the line. All this just while the styles were changing because I never had to write any paper using the fancy style.

    By the time I was a teenager I wanted my own “fountain pen,” the kind that had a removable cap, changeable nibs, and a lever on the side that enabled you to suck
    up ink into a little rubber bladder inside and you could write quite a lot before refilling. The writing was much smoother than the old pens and you really could develop your own style and slant.

    Many, many years ago there was a song called “The Letter Edged in Black.” The black edge on correspondence was to forewarn the recipient that sad news was inside, usually the notice that someone back home had died. If I find the lyrics I’ll try to post them if anyone is interested.
    Nana Linda

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