Yes, I’ve been on a long, short term break. I contracted the inevitable cold after a visit to the local children’s museum (which was awesome otherwise) and it hit me really hard since it was in conjunction with a few other things. I’m fully aware I still owe the egg section 2 more how tos (scrambled and omelette) and I’ll also be clearing up some confusion about basic cooking terms. I have a couple more recipes to post (as I can’t very well stop eating now can I?) before I’ll have the energy to be back to my normal A.D.D. ways (talking about knitting, embroidery, paper arts, cooking, cleaning, making and breaking and then fixing again).

Look at this lovely stuff!


September 21, 2010. Art and Neat stuff, Knitting, Uncategorized.


  1. Giggly Mama replied:

    Hey! I own that heart piece by meaganileana, she made that for me!! šŸ˜€ and I looove Alex’s work, I own a piece by her too. šŸ™‚ Yay! Very lovely stuff.

    BTW, it’s good to see you, I hope you’re feeling better.


    • Modern Ma'am replied:

      EEk! I know! You’re so lucky and have such an amazing collection! Thanks for coming by, darling!

  2. giddy replied:

    Glad you are feeling better! Actually, several folks with colds in last couple of months (myself included) said that this last one was a doozy (with flu-like symptoms)… ugh. Something going around, I think.

  3. barncat1 replied:

    I’ve got the cold too. šŸ˜¦ I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this is it for the season.

    I’m looking forward to a few new recipes, we’re still loving your onion rings. I did try a new recipe this week, zucchini fritters, yummm. I do eat foods that aren’t fried, really!

    • Modern Ma'am replied:

      Agh! The only thing that saved me was Sudafed. Unfortunately you have to take it every 4 hours but really, it was worth it as it was the only thing that worked. Do feel better!
      And, I LOVE fried zucchini! And I would be embarrassed to reveal how many things I know how to fry! šŸ™‚

  4. kniterdone replied:

    Thanks for the picture of my work. I’m flattered that you like my work!

    I belong to the neti pot cult. I used it during allergy season and I can’t believe how much it will help during a cold. If you still feel ill, I’d recommend it.

    • Modern Ma'am replied:

      Thanks for letting me post! I used to write everyone I posted to let them know but I figure if I link it directly to them it’s o.k. unless they say otherwise.
      And yes, I LOVE your work! I have yet to brave the neti pot although i DO hear it’s amazing. Someday, I will get really desperate and discover it’s magicalness! šŸ™‚

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