Household Hints pg.5

16 is a great one I read about a while ago. It really works!

Um….I love number 20.

This entire page is really meant for southerners. I mean, it’s all about how to use fat and grease to make things yummy!


October 1, 2010. Tags: , , , . 1001 Household Hints.


  1. barncat1 replied:

    I’m not southern, but I do save my bacon grease, mostly to go in my green beans. 😉

    As for number 20, my grandma told my mom “If I don’t teach you how to do chickens, you’ll never have to do them”. Needless to say my mom didn’t teach me! My husband’s family has days where they do nothing but chickens, get an assembly line going of killing and plucking. I make sure I’m VERY busy with something else those days!!

    • Modern Ma'am replied:

      Ahhhh, yes! Of course that grease goes in the green beans! 🙂 I’m just a little regretful that I had no one to teach me about plucking and killing because I DO think it would be cool to say you know how but not have to ever really do it.

  2. Randi replied:

    I love the tone of number 22. I will never again throw away bacon rinds….

  3. A Cajun Down Under replied:

    I love these tips from time gone by. I’m not sure if I should admit it in this age of low-fat and heart healthy, but I do save my bacon grease. I just never know when I’m going to need that extra hit of flavor.

    • Modern Ma'am replied:

      I’m with you! There’s NOTHING like gravy for biscuits and gravy made from a bit of your bacon or sausage fat. Amazing how ideas change on things like this.

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