Household Hints Pg.8

42: Err. So I have read it’s not exactly the same even though I have done this. I definitely wouldn’t do this for a large amount but it does work as an emergency substitution.

44: Whoa. Weird, right?

46: hmm.

48&50: Told ya’ so.

53: Novel idea, ‘eh?


November 24, 2010. Tags: , . 1001 Household Hints.


  1. Martha Ginn replied:

    Wrap in a cloth dampened with vinegar, huh? Hmmmm. Room temperature, huh? I’m afraid it would have an awfully short life left out on the countertop, because room temperature would make it just too tempting to leave alone!

  2. bookwormbethie replied:

    is sweet milk regular milk? i’ve always been reluctant to try tip #42 because i’ve always thought that adding vinegar to milk would, yes, make it “tangy” like buttermilk is, but wouldn’t “thicken up” like buttermilk.

    • Modern Ma'am replied:

      Sweet milk is simply an older term for whole milk. It was common to say “sweet” as before pasteurization, milk would often sour but still be used. So basically sweet milk just means fresh, whole milk. Now, I have never tried the vinegar but I HAVE tried lemon juice. It definitely does not have the same flavor but it is much closer to buttermilk than regular milk. The longer you let it sit with the lemon juice in it, the thicker it will get, granted, I also, do not think it’s quite the same texture as buttermilk.
      I have a few recipes that use a substantial amount of buttermilk and the flavor is vital to the integrity of the recipe which is when I would NEVER substitute but think it’s o.k. with say, a chocolate cake or something.

      • bookwormbethie replied:

        hhhmmmm…. so this trick might not be the best to do with buttermilk pancakes? that is the only reason why i buy buttermilk and sometime the rest doesn’t end up getting used up 😦

        • Modern Ma'am replied:

          Me too, Bethie. There’s nothing like subbing buttermilk for regular when it comes to pancakes. It really makes a difference. I suggest trying the lemon juice technique just once and using it for the pancakes and seeing what you think of the flavor. If it’s good enough for your taste, then you can quit buying the buttermilk. For me, I liked it o.k. but it just wasn’t quite the same and I just found more recipes that I really like that happen to use the rest of the buttermilk for me. I’ll actually be posting one of these buttermilk recipes very soon. It’s incredible! Let me know what you think about soured milk from lemon juice pancakes!

          • bookwormbethie replied:

            well i do have buttermilk on hand for pancake dinner tonight. next time i will try the lemon juice + milk trick. that could be no worse than the time i tried using buttermilk powder + water, ugh that was so horrible, the pancakes were rubbery, edible but not great.

            good luck at your appt today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Modern Ma'am replied:

            Oh my gosh! I tried that same stuff and it was sooooooo awful!!!! Blyuck! And thanks! I’m on my way now! EEEEEK!

  3. juneatnoon replied:

    Yep, I’ve done the vinegar and it works in a pinch, but I don’t think I’d do it regularly. The best thing I’ve happened on is powdered buttermilk. Works the same for baking but doesn’t go to waste.

  4. Modern Ma'am replied:

    Finally someone that has tried vinegar! Funny about the powdered stuff. I wonder if the brand I tried was just terrible.

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