About Good Canary

I know a few things. I can’t stand not to. And when I don’t know, I find out.  I love teaching and learning and I hope to accomplish some of both here. Did you learn something? Let me know.

I was born and raised in Austin, Texas. I have spent most of my working life cooking and managing kitchens in various hectic diners and cafe’s and/or slinging coffee in awesome coffee shops. Now I make stuff and teach people things they may (and may not) want to know.


There are a lot of people writing about vegan, low-fat, nitrate-free, organic, free-range, gluten-free and/or all natural foods and recipes.
That’s a good thing because I am definitely not the person to do it.
I simply do not have the experience. You will never find any of that here because I don’t make it. I am from the south and I love comfort foods. I love cooking with butter and I love bacon and chocolate.
Sometimes at the same time.

I have been known to do the following (some professionally and some not so)
and then some:
cook, knit, paint, cross stitch, landscape, embroider, sing, fix cars, sew fabric, sew paper, assemble random, rusty, beautiful, and/or fragile objects, crochet, paper filigree, tile bathrooms and kitchens, make photographs, make things, break things and then fix them again, write, stencil, talk to loud, be too friendly, forget punchlines, walk into poles, snort when I laugh.

My husband and best friend of ten years is a mathematician and the most wonderful person I know. He encourages every endeavor, is often referred to as “RPK” and…
he took this picture. ↓

I can also be found on Ravelry.



  1. Richard Kent replied:

    Totally to the max!

  2. giddy replied:

    I love your site, and I love cooking with butter, bacon and chocolate, too. Coincidentally, I am also from (and currently in) the South (Tennessee)! 🙂

    • Modern Ma'am replied:

      Welcome and thank you so much! I am happy to have you as a reader and supporter!

  3. Jessie Daly Carillo replied:

    I love you so much, this blog is the most fabulous thing ever. I cannot believe I have not seen you in so long, now that you are preggers I wish we lived closer so we could make things together! Big kiss!

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