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Oh Hai!

Hello and a very happy new year to you all!
It’s been a while since I’ve posted regularly but as you may know, I’m kinda’ super pregnant. Yeah. Like over 7 months pregnant now, and yes, that is an excuse, but a darned good one I think. I am also a bit distracted with the possibility that we are going to have to move out of the house we currently reside in. If we do, we will be doing it very soon after the baby arrives. Yuck.


I am planning on celebrating the year long life of this here, little blog, by doing a little remodeling so if you stop by before the next post, expect some changes and a little construction, otherwise, I’ll be back again soon with a new look and some great new recipes and recipe reviews.


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To you and yours…

I know I’ve been gone a whole month but I wanted to wish you all very

happy holidays

before they’re over!

No, I didn’t take some special holiday-ish photo to post here because just like you, I’m a busy lady ’round this time!

I hope you all get spoiled rotten with gifts and/or food and/or loving…whichever floats your boat. Me? I’ll take all of the above please.

When I feel up to coming back, I see bright and colorful crafts in our future as well as tips on how to cook game hen and an update on all the knitting I have not been doing. Thanks to everyone for reading and all your support for my silly little blog.

Cheers and a very happy new year to you all!

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The Wonder of Granny Squares

My Nana gave me some old crochet magazines many years ago and I love some of the things in them.

Like, how about this classic, patriotic granny square vest?


Seriously though, How gorgeous is this child?!

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Yes, I’ve been on a long, short term break. I contracted the inevitable cold after a visit to the local children’s museum (which was awesome otherwise) and it hit me really hard since it was in conjunction with a few other things. I’m fully aware I still owe the egg section 2 more how tos (scrambled and omelette) and I’ll also be clearing up some confusion about basic cooking terms. I have a couple more recipes to post (as I can’t very well stop eating now can I?) before I’ll have the energy to be back to my normal A.D.D. ways (talking about knitting, embroidery, paper arts, cooking, cleaning, making and breaking and then fixing again).

Look at this lovely stuff!

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Oo La La

So you may notice a few changes to the site here and I want to explain a bit.

Now, you will see there are a few options at the end of each post.
They are share options. Now you can share a post with someone else more easily. If you know someone who was JUST looking for a good cookie recipe, you can hit the email button and immediately share the Marry Me (Martha) cookies post with them. As you may see, there are also ways to share to Facebook and Twitter as well. I’m hoping this will make it easier for my awesome fans to share with their awesome friends things they might like.

There is also a print button. Please preview BEFORE you print as a lot of times, these blogs aren’t interpreted properly. You may not be printing what you want to be printing but keep reading.

Bigger news: I will soon be adding a “Print this Recipe” option. This will show you a simplified type version of the recipe that is in the post without the photographs and extras because I know that at the moment, you have to copy everything by hand or else print the entry with photos included.
I am hoping this will make it easier for people to actually try some of the recipes I post.

There is also a “like” button. This could really help me understand what types of posts and information people are really enjoying and learning from so I can do more.

We finally got a scanner so I will be sharing some serious treasures with you soon as well. I’m also hoping to add a nice photo header soon.

Thanks for all your support!

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Cuckoo for Colors

I swear I am doing things.  A lot of things. I actually have quite a few posts ready to be written but for some reason (I’m a perfectionist.) it takes me forever to actually write each one.

But for now, I want to talk about color.  I’m finding it interesting to notice how my own tastes change with age. Sometimes drastically. One major change is color.
I am appreciating colors more and more and I believe it all started with knitting. Before I began knitting, if I saw all of these colors together, for some reason I would instantly think of those raver kids with their plastic necklaces and cut up clothes or Rainbow Brite. But now, all I think is “happy!” I started knitting and colors began to come together very differently. Standing in my local yarn store, I would stare up at the cubes and I saw not only color but texture, contrast, and compatibility.

I also have a theory. I think colors and how people use them may have something to do with location and weather and seasons. Here me out. Austin is hot. Hot and dry. All the time almost. You get sweaty and dirty really easily. Hardy ever did I see people sporting multi colored sneakers or bright yellow skirts. Lots of neutrals, which makes sense when the sun is beating down on you and you’re sweating all over everything.  Also, spring isn’t the same in Austin as it is in New England. There aren’t bulbs of all sorts and all colors of the rainbow blooming everywhere. There aren’t trees any color other than green there. The grass is green for a couple of weeks and then it’s dead again.

In New England, I see color. LOTS of color. If you live in a place that actually has 4 seasons, you may find yourself missing the very colorful one so what do you do? You emulate it. You reproduce it in the dead of winter when there is no color to be found anywhere. When you’re surrounded by a complete absence of it, you produce an abundance to remind yourself of what has been as what will once come again.

Now, when I see the color yellow, this is my thought process:

yellow=daffodil and sun=pretty, colors, spring, flowers, dresses and warm=happy!

Before moving to New England, I never understood the fall color palette. Can you believe I was 28 years old before I saw, with my very own eyes, rust, yellows, oranges, and reds all together at once within the trees?

I’m so excited to be on the color side of things. So I totally get it now.
Although I still hate “coral”/”salmon”.

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Bad to Bam!

I forgot to mention I know that I have been skimping on pics lately. There is a good reason for that.
They all look like crap. BUT I did get a new camera that makes me feel like a whole new woman! I can’t wait to start sharing BEAUTIFUL foodie pics with you.


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Forgive Me

This is what happens when all of your recipes are in your head and you attempt to write them down.

I forgot the corn.

So if you already printed the bisque recipe, please make sure to add the changes. ↓↓↓

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