Tip O’ the Week

*Tips that are NEAT-tO know!*


It’s delicious, beautiful, and aromatic.
It’s anything but plain.

Don’t let mosquitoes ruin your lounge time on the porch this summer.
Mix a tablespoon of vanilla extract with a cup of warm water.
Put it in an old spray bottle or a jar and spray or use a cotton ball to lightly coat your skin.

Soak a cotton ball in vanilla and keep it in your
refrigerator or freezer overnight.
It will help deodorize!

To deodorize your microwave, put a teaspoon of vanilla in a shallow, heat proof bowl with some water and microwave for one minute.
Leave it with the door closed for 10 minutes then remove.

To freshen a home, put a drop of vanilla on your fingertip
and wipe it onto a lightbulb (when it’s off).
When the light is turned on, it will heat slowly and reveal the scent.

Put a couple drops in your paint gallon when painting indoors to reduce the latex smell.

Use your spray mixture for the carpet
30 minutes before vacuuming.

Freshen up after being in a hot kitchen.
Spritz a bit on before serving dinner and no one will know
you broke a sweat.
(Vanilla has been used in perfumes for ages.)


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