Tip O’ the Week

*Tips that are NEAT-tO know!*

Keep the crunch in your lettuce!

Prep your lettuce for maximum longevity in the fridge. First, rinse and dry your lettuce. For your Romaine, you can leave the core on and the bunches in tact if small. For Iceberg, cut off the end and separate the leaves into handful size bunches. Next, tear off two paper towels for each bunch. Get them thoroughly wet with cold water and gently wring them out.

Roll each bunch in the paper towels. Stack them in a freezer sized Ziplock bag. Close the “zipper” almost all the way, leaving about an inch open. Suck the air out through the hole and close it. (I like to do this b/c squeezing the air out can bruise your lettuce.) Ta-dah! Your lettuce will stay fresh for weeks!


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