An Excuse to Break

I’m so flattered that adorable and hilarious fellow blogger, Giggly Mama tagged me to to reveal a bit more about myself. Thank goodness because I really needed an excuse to pop open a beer and not think about anything having to do with my wedding, honeymoon or moving! *Phew*

So…here goes it: (brace yourself)

oNe: At this very moment, my face is covered in thick green clay in hopes to shrink a pimple and magically transform my skin before my wedding day.

TwO: I have been told that I can be scary and intimidating when people first meet me. I find that incredibly amusing…and sometimes helpful.

thRee: I got a boob job about 6 years ago (I went from nada to a “B” cup and I still love them).
I had to ask my best friend, who was taking care of me, to dry off my back side after I got out of the shower because I couldn’t move my arms that far.

He was a perfect gentleman…
and now we are getting married.

FoUr: After a year, I still suffer from mild costochondritis . I hate it because it makes me feel less independent and I really miss working, even if it’s just in a coffee shop.

fIVe: I feel the absolute, most relaxed when I am laying in the sun. I don’t even have to be by water…but I DO love being by the water.

sIX: I met my fiance 10 years ago at a coffee shop I worked at while he was going to grad school. I found him fascinating but thought that he thought I was an airhead. Turns out, he thought I was fascinating too. That coffee shop was the best job I have ever had.

SEVEN: number six makes me cry.

O.K. So I think I am supposed to “tag” other peeps I want to know more about…?

I pick:


Little Bird Crafts





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