Another Kind of Colorful Nest

I saw a picture of a bird’s nest that was made of
cute little twigs and grass and…

cigarette wrappers?!


Yes. That is why I think EVERYONE should do this.

Birds will make their nests out of all kinds of things and unfortunately, that includes trash.
This is the perfect time for this little project that makes the world a tad more beautiful and I think it may be super fun for kids! My only problem with this project is that you typically have to just imagine how beautiful the results may be but that’s kind of fun too.
If you are the stitchy type, whether it be knitting, sewing, cross stitching, embroidery or other, you probably end up with little colored threads and yarns all over the floor, sticking to the rear of your pants, or the sleeve or your shirt, or in your hair. Well, now you can do something useful with those little bits and not feel guilty for “wasting” that 2 inch piece of DMC.

I started saving at the beginning of the winter so now I have a descent stock pile.

"Pieces of String Too Small to Use" - Alela Diane

Yes! Birds will make their nests out of these! I’m not kidding. How beautiful is that image in your head? Little nests, hiding in the tree branches, littered with flecks of colored strings.

So, take an old onion bag, or a piece of netting and tie a string around the top. Only concerns are: be sure their little beaks can fit through the holes and the ball is big enough that one can latch onto it while removing the threads. After tying it closed, I pull some of the little threads out to flutter in the wind and catch their attention. Then I hang it on my porch! That’s all there is to it.

This includes some excellent tips and info also. Towards the bottom there are more fillers listed. Start saving and throughout the spring, keep your eyes peeled! You never know what you may spot.


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