DIY Ornaments & Home for the Holidays pt.4

This is just another one of those, “you already know about this but maybe you forgot and thanks for the reminder” kinda projects.

Hey, I never claimed to be a genius…just helpful.

Pine cone Ornament


Get dressed. Go outside. Find this:

Actually, you should find more than one..then take them home…
(even though they are beautiful in their natural habitat.)

then you need some of this…
(spray paint. any kind. I buy this because it’s tiny and cheap.)
Gold, silver, white, whatever…


some glue, glitter and some nice ribbon or string.


I mean, I know it’s not rocket science but it doesn’t have to be. When these have pretty little lights surrounding them they will look like you snatched ’em right out of a Pottery Barn catalog. As Ina would say, “How easy is that?”




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So pretty!

More like….EASY-nators!…

O.K. That was awful but really, you don’t need much instruction. I think you may just need someone to say, “Don’t buy that! You can make it!” Here are couple pointers!

you will need:

hot glue gun
good thread (or dental floss!)
plastic or metal hair combs
some pretty thingies (flowers, lace, broken jewelry, feathers, seashells, beads, etc..)
netting or tulle
felt squares

First, lay out the items you want to use. Practice putting them together and layering them. I usually start by putting down the feathers I want to use. Then I fill in any gaps with my other items. Think of it like flower arranging. Look at pictures online and try to mimic ones you like.

Play with your feathers. Try shaping and trimming them.

Next, cut a piece of felt into a shape that resembles your layout. I usually use a closed “V” shape like the black one below. That shape is particularly good on headbands as well. When it has everything on top of it, it lays very well. You can also use a rectangle. This is going to depend on how you want the comb to sit in your hair. Keep in mind you can trim it after all your pretties are in place.

To glue feathers in place, I squeeze a drop of glue from the hot glue gun onto a paper sack and then dip one side of the shaft down into the glue. If you have fabric flowers or beads you may want to sew them to the felt instead of glue.
When you have everything on your felt, you can glue it down onto your comb. If you decide you’d rather sew your felt to your comb, you will have to do that first, then add your decor.

Keep in mind, no one but you will be able to see the side that will be against your hair. Also keep in mind that it really just takes practice and experience to make them look clean underneath.

After one day and just a few pointers from me, my friend went home and was on a roll!

She immediately had a knack for this don’t you think?

This is my favorite one!

She also made these adorable little bobby pins while she was at it!

eek! So cute!

Don’t forget the tulle or netting! Play with different sizes and shapes and try gathering it and glue rhinestones to it! Hell, bust out that bedazzler!

Here are some inspiring examples to get your juices flowing or to buy from if you just don’t have the time to take on another project.

Stay tuned for a real step by step on how to craft fabric flowers.

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These Are a Few of My Favorite Things…

To celebrate this incredibly beautiful first day of spring, I am just going to post some eye candy.




most incredible pics of his kids





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