Busy Body

I think I am set on that being my second set of knuckle tattoos. I have been thinking about it a while and it would actually go with what I already have. (They would read: No Good Busy Body) It will be a while though but perfect I think.  Anywhoo, I am super excited about a million things right now!
First, I received my sock garters from SWANclothing and holy crap are they perfectly adorable! I wanted them anyway but they are also PERFECT for my wedding day. I am wearing cowboy boots under my dress and socks, not hose, for numerous reasons and these guys keep my socks up just above my boot. Comfortable and actually, wicked sexy! Just look at her pictures! I went to Manhattan last week to pick up my wedding dress and I wore them and I have a witness that will agree and state under oath that about 8 out every 10 people we walked by were staring at me and my hot sock garters. Swear to baby Jesus.

I also made a second pair of the Madeline Mini Bloomers I posted about here.My first are black cotton with tiny white dots and red ribbon. Super cute but difficult to photograph well.

I adore these and can’t wait to make more. I’m not sure how many would be too many to have but…they are soooo cute! These rosy ones are very light and silky and are sexy and cute at the same time, which isn’t always easy to get.

I had bought a 3 pack of bibs a while ago to have around the house to embroider whenever I hear of a new babe coming into the world, and I was wandering around the house doing wedding thingies and I realized we have one baby coming to the wedding! Well, our favors are jars of honey from this cute place so I immediately knew we had to make him his own special favor. Luckily, I had one page of iron on transfer paper left so:

That was easy!

I also made my fascinator for my rehearsal dinner, silky red dress, and black pumps. Hooray!

I’ll tell you how in a next post!

And finally, we know where we are going to live next year! My fiance has not officially accepted the offer so I can not yet reveal details but it will be in the mid-west. For any who do not know, he is near completion of his postdoc here in Providence at Brown University so he has been on the job market. This has made things even more hectic and stressful than they would normally be with a wedding alone but even with the economy in the toilet, we have scored.

I will have another post or two but will otherwise, be taking a break until after the wedding (on April 3rd!). And on that note, here’s THE dress!

I know the bag kind of gets in the way so....

Another picture, same dress.


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